28024 Rd T, PO Box 817, Dolores, CO 81323

(970) 882-2226

Payment Options

Please click here to view our Policies

1) Self-addressed, prepaid postage envelope, provided by MWC

2) Our drop box is located on the front of the building just east of the front doors.

3)  Bank authorized direct payment-ACH (Automated Clearing House). 

Contact the office for the necessary paperwork. 

Or you can click on the forms link below and print out the form yourself and bring it into our office.

Please click here to view our printable forms

4) Ampstun- Credit Card, Debit Card and Account Information.

Click here for instructions on Ampstun and the website link

5) To make your payment over the phone using a credit card displaying the Mastercard, Visa or Discover card logos please call (877) 226-0481 and follow the instructions over the phone.