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Basic Info

What is the process in getting a water tap?

Montezuma Water Company memberships are personal property. A membership allows the member to have a meter pit (tap) installed to receive service. (A membership can also be uninstalled and not designated to any specific location.) To apply for water service a Water User’s Agreement must be completed and then approved by the Board of Director at their  monthly meeting (2nd Tuesday of the month). Generally it takes two (2) weeks after approval before the meter pit is installed. If you are purchasing property that has gone thru foreclosure, contact the office as the meter pit may be scheduled for removal.

Memberships may be purchased from another member. A Water User’s Agreement and a Membership Transfer form must be completed. Any balance on the existing account must be paid in full prior to a transfer occurring.

If the prospective member is seeking service  the office should be contacted to make certain that water service is available.  Which side of the road is the property seeking service located? This will allow staff to determine if a road bore or highway bore is necessary, which is an additional cost. Call for details.

Board Meetings:

 Meetings are held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of each month at 6:30 PM at our office building located at 28024 Rd T, Dolores,  Colorado 81323.

Membership (See Rules & Regulations):

New Membership Fee (5/8″x3/4″ Meter) – $12,500 (Not including Installation), (New membership fee adopted on November 8th, 2022)

Cost of water: 

$3.60 per thousand gallons for 1st 10000 Gals then $3.85 per 1000 Gals above that -Effective January 1st 2020. Base rate depends on size.

Low Water Pressure:

During the peak usage season the high water demand may cause lower pressure in your area. There may be a problem within your meter pit that our trained staff can correct. Service lines, on the customer side of the meter, may also be the problem.                                                                                       

High Water Pressure: 

High water pressure can be a very serious problem and you should contact the MWC office immediately. MWC Service Technicians can usually correct the problem by making adjustments within the meter pit.

Other High Pressure:

If high water pressure continues, or is a reoccurring problem, you may be in an area that has unusually high main line pressure. It is a good idea to install a pressure regulator on your service line at some point prior to entering your house. Consult with any plumber for more information on this.