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McPhee Reservoir

                      Montezuma Water Company is Hiring!

                                                                     Montezuma Water Company is looking for a Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

This position performs a variety of duties related to the supply, treatment and storage of water, relative to a water utility. The Plant Superintendent trains, supervises and coordinates other plant operators in their day-to-day activities. The Plant Superintendent works with the MWC Manager to address future plant needs, operates and maintains plant equipment, and performs necessary reporting to state and federal agencies.

Job Specifications include 5-year experience in the operation and maintenance of surface water treatment facilities. Colorado certification in water operations is mandatory and an “A” license is required. Experience in the field of water supply, distribution and cross connection is highly desirable.

                              For a full job description or more information contact Steve Bowman at (970) 882-2226 or

Resumes will be accepted through February 3rd 2024, and can be emailed to or dropped off at MWC’s office located at 28024 Road T in Dolores.

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