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Members Access to Accounts On-Line

With the new billing system members are now able to access their account information and pay their bills on-line through a secure website. 

Please click here to access the Ampstun website

Steps to Access your Account on www.utilitybillingsystem.net (Ampstun)

1) To access member information you must first register with the following information:

A) Click on “Consumer Registration”

B) Name on account entered as: LAST NAME,  FIRST NAME (ALL CAPS)

C) Account number (including the leading 0 if there is one).

D) An email address that will be used as your login ID

2) Enter the above information and enter a secure password.

3) Once your registration has been accepted you can view your account including past bills, water usage and other account information. ​​​​​​​

4) You can submit changes to your account but be aware that the changes will not take effect until the change is approved by Montezuma Water Company.

5) You can pay your bill with a credit card or a debit card.

NOTE: To protect your credit card information, Montezuma Water Company employees are not allowed to accept payments over the telephone.